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Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital

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While I was driving back home, I noticed a small abscess developing. After driving a couple hundred miles I stopped to take my dog out, and when I stood up, I realized I had a serious problem. I immediately found my way to Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital. As I approached the hospital, I found myself stuck on the hill trying to make a tight turn. Traffic was not cooperating, and then I saw this security guard running to me from the hospital. (This was Manny.) He stopped traffic for me and then literally ran back towards the hospital to direct me into a parking spot. He was at my truck with a wheelchair almost immediately and quickly got me inside the ER.

As my condition was evaluated, and it was explained to me the seriousness and the fact I needed to have emergency surgery with a lengthy hospital stay to follow, my panic truly set in. In my truck was my 80-pound greyhound. … I’m 4,000 miles from home, heading into surgery. WHAT am I going to do with my dog?

After explaining this to the nurse, everyone in the ER got on their phones calling around trying to find somebody to care for my dog. I will never forget, as I was being wheeled to the OR one of the nurses grabbed my hand, looked me in the eye and told me not to worry – they would take care of my baby. That small gesture meant so much to me. I later found out that Manny the security guard took her out for a walk, and then the registrar drove 20 miles out of her way, into Washington, to bring my dog to a gentleman who would care for her. Just amazing.

To summarize my experience in Hood River was the absolute greatest experience during one of the scariest situations of my life. Honestly, if in the future I ever have a serious health condition, I would truly consider flying back to Hood River because of this experience. - Scott

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